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Driven by great appreciation for the dedication of military Veterans’ and our heart for canines in need of rescue, we deliver programs offering challenge, purpose, and hope to both Veterans and shelter dogs in Southeast Tennessee.


Who Saved Whom is a volunteer operated non-profit 501(c)3 Public Charity, founded by Jarita Moore, to bring together Veterans and shelter dogs to mutually benefit from professionally mentored dog training, exercise, and socialization activities.


Our dog trainers work closely with reliable, eager-to-learn Veterans in and around the Cleveland, TN area for online video classes and monthly one-on-one Veteran Partner Classroom Orientations.


In addition to our programs, we collaborate with local Veteran support agencies, dog shelters and adoption centers, as well as local service organizations in order to offer our support to in community efforts to combat the 1870 daily dog euthanasias and the 22 daily Veteran suicides.


Through fundraising efforts, grants, partnerships, individual, and corporate donations, we are able to provide free classes and send out Who Saved Whom volunteers to give back to our community.


Hope and healing. Veterans coming into the light and more dogs finding loving homes. This is the motivating force of Who Saved Whom.


As we embark on our journey to enrich the lives of Veterans and shelter dogs, with Veterans making shelter dogs more adoptable – Who will join us?

Image by Perry Grone
Veteran with K-9
Dog in Shelter
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