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Our Veteran Dog Training Programs
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Driven by great appreciation for the dedication of military Veterans’ and our heart for canines in need of rescue, we deliver programs offering challenge, purpose, and hope to both Veterans and shelter dogs by bringing them together for professionally mentored dog training, exercise and socialization activities.

We are not satisfied with the current numbers in America of about 22 Veteran suicides per day, and 1,870 dogs euthanized daily.

Here’s how we’re going to do this: HOPE and HEALING.

When we are contacted by a Veteran, we will get to know him or her, and then connect them with one of our Dog Trainers. These Dog Trainers will walk alongside our Veterans as they work though our Training Manual, then put what they learned into practice in the shelter or rescue. The mentor-ship will all be done via video chat, so that it is not necessary that our Trainers are available in person, but can be there to help at the drop of a hat!

Once a dog has graduated, he or she will be given a patriotic bow tie or bandanna to wear. These dogs will be “advertised” as Veteran-trained, so that adopters know that the pup has been through basic obedience training, and that the process helped a Veteran!

Our Veterans will be allowed to take their trainees out of day trips or even to their homes. This extra socialization will do wonders for the dog’s energy levels, anxiety, and temperaments. This time outside the shelter will also be used for training, teaching the pups manners, and to avoid distractions in order to listen to their handler. This will also get the Veterans out and about, and help keep their focus off of the continuous thoughts that can haunt them.

Our Veterans deserve more, and so do our shelter dogs. We vow to do all in our power to uplift our Veterans, and to move homeless pups out of shelters and rescues more quickly. This will reduce the pressure and financial strain on everyone working to home the furry friends who have been failed by humans.

Hope and healing. Veterans coming into the light. More dogs finding loving homes.
That’s our motivating force and what we are working hard to make reality.

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