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Our Reasons Why

Hello everyone and welcome to our site – we appreciate your interest in our efforts!

My name is Jarita Moore and would like to provide insight into why we started Who Saved Whom, which starts with sharing a few things about me as Founder/Executive Director.

For decades, several needs have weighed heavily on my heart:

  1. Homelessness

  2. Veteran transition and general life struggles post-service

  3. The experience of our dogs who don’t have the life that they should


I quickly learned it takes MUCH more than one organization to truly impact homelessness. Thankfully, in my area, there are multiple agencies who are finally able to begin a journey to affect real change.

As far as Veterans and shelter dogs, I’ve been watching – now, is the time for action!

The first action needed is an option for Veterans interested in:

  • Enriching interactions with man's best friend

  • Community support as they transition into a civilian lifestyle

  • Making new connections with like-minded community members

  • Learning a new skill

  • Supporting the efforts of the dog rescue community

  • A worthy organization they can have fun volunteering with

Why this action exactly?

Veterans have experienced things civilians have not and therefore deserve our respect and support. While they likely endured things we cannot comprehend, like all humanity, we all experience tough times. Some are better for it and some struggle. The nature of years of military training, often leaves Veterans feeling as they have lost their civilian purpose and don't know where they belong. Veterans proceed with this challenge knowing the transition between the two very different worlds is difficult. As our "Thank You", we are using every action in our power to improve the experience of our service men and women!

The second action needed is an option for shelter dogs in need.

Born innocent, loving, and loyal, canines are man's best friend, even when humans don't do their part to care for them. When a family is ill-equipped to care for them, companion animals are all too often surrendered to shelters or even dumped far from home, creating devastating results. Scared and confused in unfamiliar territory some does have been known to wait for months for their owner to return. While most are picked up by animal control, a concerned citizen or a shelter to be fed and cared for until a permanent home can be found – this isn't enough. America still euthanizes about 1,870 dogs daily, mostly because of overcrowding. 

If only a family would simply take them home and love on them, forever. 
Why don’t they? Why are they sometimes returned once they ARE adopted?

A common reason is that the dogs are often under-trained, or have picked up negative habits. Potential adopters may believe bringing a shelter dog into their home is a risk.  Sometimes, there are true challenges in the home as a result of a dog who simply needs more training. 

We are taking action!

With the help of volunteer Veterans and civilians, Who Saved Whom will work to improve the chances of a positive experience for both the dog and the adopter.  We will train and socialize these homeless dogs with Basic Obedience so the transition to their forever home will be easier and less stressful.  

By connecting with local Veterans to coordinate training, our actions will help our Veterans too! 
Want to know how?  Learn more about our program and how you can join us.

Thanks for coming!

Jarita Moore, Founder of Who Saved Whom

Jarita Moore
Founder/Executive Director
Who Saved Whom

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