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Introductory Bio

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Lindy is a 3 year old boxer who found herself abandoned in a motel room. The amount of time is unsure but was terrified when being picked up by animal control. She portrayed some aggressive behavior but hey, who wouldn't when your whole life was being turned around and you're expecting your owner to walk back through the door they walked out of. She was taken to Cleveland Animal Control, where she was labeled 'uncontrollable and aggressive'. She was rescue only and on "death row" because she was given this reputation after some instances with some of the officers. After lots of work and time, she was finally pulled by Dixie Day Spay, and began her journey to East Coast Boxer Rescue after being vetted. "Within minutes of having her in my arms, she gave me the biggest kiss and the happiest tail wag," says Makayla from East Coast Boxer Rescue. As far as aggressive, she is not that. It goes to show what a loving touch and a little understanding does. It changes their whole life. Lindy is now in foster care learning how to interact and react to new situations. She still has moments when she is afraid and unsure, but is overcoming each obstacle. She is learning lots of new tricks (which she masters within just a few minutes) and doing well with house training and crate training. She has lots of love to give, but is not yet available for adoption!

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