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Puppy Love Follow Up

Who Saved Whom teamed up with SPCA of Bradley County to have an event that was all about shedding love on the pups, and it was a success! About 15 of the dogs got an extra dose of attention and fresh air and we had about 60 people come visit! Not only that, but we know of two dogs that got adopted! The event was free, but we did have some donations come through! That’s GREAT for our first event!! Stay tuned for more events to come. In the meantime, take a look at some of these great photos from the event and a couple of quotes from the Who Saved Whom members who volunteered their time.

Jarita Moore, “As far as partnering with them, I reached out, finding an incredibly busy, overworked woman, who would do anything for her shelter animals and her volunteers/staff.; Amanda Morgan Director of Operations. She very quickly accepted our offer to send in veterans to mentor her dogs. We began to work on the foundational elements of our nonprofit, locating volunteers and board members, and spreading the word in the community. When we were discussing plans during a board meeting, our Board Chair mentioned the idea of doing a Valentine's event especially for those who needed some extra love that day, AND for the dogs. We loved the idea, so we began planning, and were put in touch with an incredible woman at SPCA, Kelly Alexander. Kelly works very closely with Amanda, and was super helpful in the planning phase. After working out location and timing, SPCA, area rescues, local fosters, and Who Saved Whom began publicizing the event. For me, watching the entire dog rescue community coming together for this event was both touching, and highly inspirational. The day of the event was another example of community and coming together for a cause. Everyone at SPCA was so welcoming and helpful. We were assigned Gina (a volunteer for SPCA) and Kim (a staff member) as our “goto” ladies. But everyone with whom we spoke was so friendly. The farther we go, the more I learn that there is a large part of our city that goes underappreciated and has a common goal. These people put their differences aside, go without sleep, endure broken hearts, and push through anything necessary in order to help these dogs. I have also learned that most people who love dogs also have a heart for veterans. They are so excited to see what we are doing, and are watching for opportunities to support our growth. Puppy Love was a great start for us. We were able to establish a presence with more people, and expand on our relationship with SPCA. But it was more than that: it was proof that there are a LOT of wonderful folks in the world who will do whatever it takes to save dogs lives, and improve their lives along the way. When you add in our underserved and struggling veterans, how much more beautiful the change will be as we move forward as Who Saved Whom, and as a community.”

Kodi Mann, “First event with WSW went very well. We were able to build a good rapport and strong relationship with the local SPCA which is essential for our program. Neke and her husband served hot cocoa and cookies to guests that arrived and were wonderful in telling people about the WSW program and what was happening that day. We had a lot of advertising help from the SPCA via Facebook that really made Puppy Love come alive. Personally, my favorite part was seeing the love, excitement, and enthusiasm all the volunteers offered. Everyone supported each other and showed true passion for the dogs and the Veterans alike. It was a very humbling and inspiring experience, and one I'm very proud to have been part of. It really demonstrated the success that WSW can have as a pilot event. Plus, the dogs LOVED it! They were able to play outside with people, get some much needed attention, Abby and James worked exceptionally hard on making sure everyone received baths, and overall I think the dogs enjoyed it fully.”

As you can see, this was a very successful event and we can’t wait to put on more events for dogs and the community!

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